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I help outdoor and active fashion startups who have a great product, concept, and vision for their brand, but want to

Take it to the next level with some Killer Designs

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Step #1 Master Plan

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Peace of mind with a strategy to make your vision real

With so much ahead of you, where to begin? I’ll help you break it down into simple next steps. We’ll start with a deep-dive phone interview to get clear on where you’re at and where you want to go, and then I’ll give you a Master Plan that’ll show you exactly how to get there.

2 Business Days
$ 150

* Master Plan cost is applied to Killer Designs


Are we a good fit to work together?


Step #2 Killer Designs

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Confidence to launch with your new bangin’ collection

Master Plan - We’ll start with this, see above, to make sure we’re headed in the right direction for your goals.
Killer Designs - I’ll take your vision and map out a whole collection of Killer Designs, and you’ll have a bangin’ collection of new prints at the end. Which one will be your next bestseller?
Bigger Picture - I bring my expert support - walking you through the manufacturing process, giving you input on your photoshoot or website, or designing presentation materials for your big pitch.
Team of Experts - I’ll introduce you to my vetted colleagues - fabric printers, domestic or overseas manufacturers, business advisors, lawyers, graphic or web designers, or great photographers.

When just a few prints will do the trick
3 Weeks
$ 3,750

Well-rounded prints * most popular option
6 Weeks
$ 6,750

You just can’t get enough prints on prints
9 Weeks
$ 9,750


Are we a good fit to work together?

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Micaela Zahner has always been my anchor. Micaela is always enthusiastic, extremely creative, and a pleasure to collaborate with. Her keen artistic eye allows her to see composition, scale, and colour and translate it perfectly for our brand better than any other artist I know. She makes herself available even if she is booked up and is a miracle worker in your time of need. Micaela is truly gifted as an artist in her original work and what she creates everyday. I am lucky to have met her and I am fortunate to work with her.
— Jamie Sakamoto-Lau, Design Director, Carve Designs
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Hello! I’m Micaela.

I'm a Textile Designer based in Brooklyn, New York. I love creating cool $#&% for my clients. Let’s chat!

► 802-249-8489