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Micaela Zahner Design.jpg
Micaela Zahner Design.jpg

Hi! I'm Micaela.

I'm a Textile Designer based in Brooklyn, New York. I love working with fashion, active, and swim brands to launch new collections. Let's talk!

Original Prints // Custom Prints // CAD Design

Core Values and Skills:
Beauty + Design Aesthetic
Precision + Attention to Detail
Strong Working Relationships
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Micaela Zahner Design - Black and White Pyramids.jpg
Micaela Zahner Design.jpg
Micaela Zahner has always been my anchor. Micaela is always enthusiastic, extremely creative, and a pleasure to collaborate with. Her keen artistic eye allows her to see composition, scale, and colour and translate it perfectly for our brand better than any other artist I know. She makes herself available even if she is booked up and is a miracle worker in your time of need. Micaela is truly gifted as an artist in her original work and what she creates everyday. I am lucky to have met her and I am fortunate to work with her.
— Jamie Sakamoto-Lau, Design Director, Carve Designs
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